Kleio Paris’ Traveller Set – The Perfect Scent Companion

Traveling stirs the soul and ignites a symphony of emotions. At Kleio Paris, we understand that fragrances are silent narrators of our journeys. That’s why we curated the Traveller Set – a quintet of our finest scents, including the introspective “Silencio,” designed to be the perfect companions for your globetrotting adventures.

The Inspiration: In homage to the storied Greek muse Kleio, our Traveller Set is for those who live to write their own history. These scents are not mere fragrances; they are stories, companions, and timeless tokens of the spirit of exploration.

The Collection: Conveniently sized and TSA-approved, the Traveller Set fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Each vial’s design promises elegance and functionality, making it effortless to bring the essence of Kleio Paris with you, wherever your travels may take you.

Featured Scents:

  • Kleio 1796: Immerse yourself in the ambiance of antiquity with a composition of vintage spices and noble woods.
  • Poeme Mystique: Invoke the spirit of serene landscapes and hidden sanctuaries with this dreamy bouquet of exotic florals and mystical resins.
  • Paradise Lost: Channel the freshness of an ocean breeze intertwined with the warm embrace of amber for a day spent along the coast.
  • Sema: Embody the dynamic beauty of an ancient dance, encapsulated in the rhythmic fusion of musk and florals.
  • Silencio: A scent that speaks volumes without a word, offering a contemplative blend of quiet greens and subtle earthy notes, perfect for moments of reflection or evening repose.

Why the Traveller Set? Our Traveller Set offers the luxury of choice and the freedom of versatility. With five distinct scents, you can select a fragrance that harmonizes with your destination’s ambiance or mood. Whether it’s the historical allure of Kleio 1796 for a night in the metropolis or the hushed whispers of Silencio for a solitary twilight walk, your scent journey is uniquely yours.

Sustainability Commitment: Kleio Paris is as committed to preserving the environment as we are to enhancing your travel experience. Our vials are not only refillable but also crafted from sustainable materials, reflecting our dedication to the planet.

Conclusion: The Traveller Set by Kleio Paris is more than a fragrance collection; it’s an anthology of aromatic tales waiting to accompany you on your next sojourn. Embrace each voyage with a scent that not only complements the journey but becomes an integral part of your travel narrative.

Kleio Paris perfumes are now available at Perfumatory in Oman.
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