Sema: A Dance of Fragrance and Spirit

Kleio Paris is delighted to present Sema, our newest fragrance that encapsulates the essence of spiritual transcendence and artistic expression. Inspired by the ancient ritual of the Sufi whirling dervishes, Sema is not merely a perfume; it is an invitation to partake in a sensory journey that celebrates the harmony of the soul with the cosmos.

Inspired by Sacred Movements

The name “Sema” derives from the Sufi practice of spinning in meditative trance as a path to reach divine love and spiritual maturity. This sacred dance is a powerful symbol of the soul’s journey, revolving in harmony with the universe. Our fragrance aims to capture this celestial alignment and spiritual elevation in a scent that lifts the spirits and sanctifies the moment.

A Celestial Symphony of Scents

Sema begins with ethereal top notes of white tea and peony, light and airy, evoking the initial delicate steps of the dervishes as they begin their meditative twirl. These scents are chosen for their purity and crisp freshness, setting a transcendent tone from the first spritz.

Transitioning from the celestial beginnings, the heart notes of iris and orchid bloom softly, representing the dervishes’ robes in fluid motion. This floral heart captures the elegance and grace of their dance, enveloping the wearer in a bouquet that is both comforting and inspiring.

The base of sandalwood, musk, and amber provides a warm, grounding finish, mirroring the spiritual descent of the dance, where the soul touches the divine and then returns, enriched, to the earthly plane. These deep, resonant notes linger on the skin, a reminder of the profound connection between the divine and the human.

Crafted for the Enlightened Soul

Sema is designed for those who seek a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them. It is perfect for moments of reflection, meditation, or any occasion that calls for inner peace and outward expression. Whether you are preparing for a day of creative work or a quiet evening at home, Sema serves as a divine companion, enhancing your environment and elevating your spirit.

An Invitation to Experience Sema

We invite you to experience Sema and to allow its fragrance to guide you through your own spiritual and emotional landscapes. Let it be a catalyst for reflection and self-discovery, a tool to enhance your daily rituals of mindfulness and connection.

Spray Sema and close your eyes. Breathe in the scent of the heavens. Feel the earth below, the sky above, and the spirit within. Embrace the dance of the cosmos, and let your soul spin in joyous serenity.

Discover Sema. Embrace the sacred dance. Live in spiritual elegance.

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