Paradise Lost: Rediscovering Eden in Every Bottle

In our quest to encapsulate profound human experiences into fragrances, Kleio Paris presents Paradise Lost, a scent that transcends mere aroma to touch upon the narrative of timeless lore and lost splendor. This fragrance invites wearers on an olfactory journey back to the mythical Eden, exploring the essence of innocence, beauty, and the poignant complexity of desire.

Inspired by Timeless Myth

Paradise Lost draws its name and inspiration from the epic poem by John Milton, which tells the story of the fall from Eden. It symbolizes the universal longing for a lost perfection, capturing the dual essence of beauty and loss, purity and complexity. This perfume is not merely a scent but a narrative captured in each note, each layer revealing deeper stories to those who wear it.

A Complex Symphony of Scents

The fragrance opens with cassis and bergamot, a vibrant and refreshing burst that conjures the untouched beauty of Eden’s lush landscapes. These top notes introduce a sense of initial wonder and clarity, reminiscent of the first light of creation.

Transitioning from the brightness, the heart notes of pink pepper, jasmine, birch, and patchouli add layers of depth and intrigue. This blend mirrors the complex emotions tied to Eden’s story—innocence intertwined with awakening. The spicy pink pepper and soft jasmine reflect the juxtaposition of Eden’s purity with the fiery curiosity that leads to the fall.

The base of amber, vanilla, mossy notes, and musk forms a warm, enduring foundation that lingers long after the initial notes fade. These rich, earthy tones ground the fragrance, symbolizing the lasting impact of the mythic paradise lost, echoing the bittersweet knowledge gained from the fall.

Crafted for the Reflective Spirit

Paradise Lost is designed for those who reflect deeply on life’s beauty and complexities. It appeals to the thinker, the dreamer, and anyone who appreciates the poetic in the everyday. It’s a fragrance for moments of reflection, for evenings spent under starry skies, or quiet mornings in the garden.

Experience Paradise Lost

We invite you to experience Paradise Lost—to reconnect with the mythical past and carry with you the scent of a paradise that once was and now lives on through story and scent. Each bottle offers more than fragrance; it offers an experience, an emotion, and a piece of history.

Wear Paradise Lost and carry with you the essence of Eden, the memory of perfection, and the beauty of the world in its most pristine form. Let this fragrance be a daily reminder of where humanity has been and the beauty we carry forward from our past.

Rediscover Eden with Paradise Lost. Experience the myth, live the story.

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