Noctis: Your Companion for Tranquility and Rest

Kleio Paris introduces Noctis, a uniquely crafted fragrance designed to transform any space into a haven of peace and relaxation. Inspired by the serenity of the night, Noctis is not merely a perfume—it’s a sensory tool aimed at travelers seeking solace from the rigors of jetlag and the chaos of travel, as well as anyone desiring a restful escape in the comfort of their home.

Inspired by the Tranquil Night

Named after the Latin word for ‘night’, Noctis captures the calming essence of the nocturnal hours. This fragrance is meticulously designed for those who travel, offering a way to bring the comforting quiet of night into various environments, be it airplanes, hotels, or far from home settings. It’s also perfectly suited for home use, enhancing bedtime routines and ensuring a restful sleep.

A Soothing Symphony of Scents

Noctis opens with soft top notes of lavender and bergamot, well-known for their natural calming properties and ability to ease anxiety. The gentle aroma of lavender brings a soothing start, reminiscent of a quiet evening wind-down, while bergamot adds a light, clean freshness that cleanses the senses and prepares the mind for rest.

As the fragrance unfolds, heart notes of black violet and wild jasmine provide a subtle floral complexity that enriches the scent without overpowering. These elements work together to deepen the relaxing effects and enhance the environment for sleep or meditation.

The base of dark musk and smoked oud grounds the fragrance with a warm, comforting finish. These deep notes linger softly, promoting prolonged tranquility and a sense of grounding, essential for calming the mind before sleep or after a long journey.

Designed for Travelers and Homebodies Alike

Noctis is ideal for travelers seeking to mitigate the stresses of jetlag and create a familiar, restful atmosphere wherever they are. By spraying Noctis on pillows, bed covers, or even directly onto clothing, travelers can carry the comfort of home with them, making every new place feel a bit more welcoming.

For non-travelers, Noctis serves as a perfect nighttime ritual aid. Its calming properties make it excellent for use in home settings, especially before bedtime to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

An Invitation to Experience Noctis

We invite you to experience the calming embrace of Noctis. Whether crossing time zones or stepping into your bedroom, let Noctis be your guide to relaxation and tranquility. Use it to create a restful sanctuary, aiding in your journey to sleep or your quest for calm in the hustle of daily life.

Spray Noctis and let it envelop you in its serene fragrance. Embrace the night, find peace in your surroundings, and enjoy a tranquil mind and body, wherever you are.

Discover Noctis. Travel with serenity. Sleep in peace.

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