Extract vs Eau de parfum vs Eau de toilette: Choose concentration

Buying a stronger concentration is an easy way to make your perfume last longer.
Confusing an Extract with an Eau de toilette will leave you bitterly disappointed. But what’s the difference again?

Your perfume is predominantly a mixture of two things – fragrance concentrate + alcohol.
Alcohol is unscented, while the “concentrate” is. It contains all the ingredients in their purest form. The more “concentrate” you have in a perfume, the more scented and long-lasting it will be. Most perfumes are sold as one of the following. All EPC perfumes are highly concentrated Eau de Parfum leaning towards an extract!

Eau de toilette is the least concentrated = typically around 10-12%
Eau de Parfum is more concentrated and usually one of the best choice = typically 20-25%
Extract is the most concentrated = typically, over 25%

While the choice of one of the above formats will have an impact on longevity, it also has an impact on the price you pay. Concentration is the main expense. Sometimes, the price tag can be eye-watering. By contrast, an EdT is the least pricey. EdPs fall in the middle, hence why most people (and perfumers) prefer Eau de Perfumes.

The Art and Science of Perfumery: A Journey from Inspiration to Bottle

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