1796: A Fragrance that Echoes Through Time

Kleio Paris proudly introduces 1796, a fragrance steeped in history and romance, capturing the essence of a pivotal year that resonates with the spirit of revolution and profound love. Named after the year that witnessed revolutions and legendary correspondences of love, 1796 is more than a scent—it’s a journey back in time, an invitation to experience the intensity of past passions and the upheaval that shaped nations.

Inspired by the Age of Revolution

The year 1796 was marked by dramatic changes and historic events, including the fervent letters Napoleon Bonaparte wrote to Josephine during their iconic courtship. These letters, filled with fiery passion and deep longing, serve as the primary inspiration for our fragrance. 1796 aims to encapsulate that same intensity and emotion in a scent that evokes both the turmoil and the romance of its namesake year.

A Rich Tapestry of Scents

1796 opens with vibrant top notes of bergamot and lemon, infused with a sharp hint of black pepper. This lively introduction simulates the urgent energy of a revolutionary spirit—bright, piercing, and impossible to ignore.

As the initial zest settles, the heart notes of sage, geranium, cedarwood, and sandalwood emerge, weaving a complex middle layer that speaks to the elegance and depth of Napoleon’s letters to Josephine. This blend of floral and woody notes reflects the dual nature of the era—both the beauty of personal love and the strength of public conviction.

The base notes of cashmere wood, vanilla beans, musk, and amber provide a warm, lingering finish. These deep, resonant tones evoke the enduring legacy of the year 1796, leaving a powerful impression that, like history, is felt long after the initial encounter.

Designed for the Romantic and the Revolutionary

1796 is crafted for those who are moved by history, who feel the echoes of the past in their daily lives, and who carry the spirit of revolution in their hearts. It is suited for moments of reflection, for grand gestures of love, or simply for days and nights when one wishes to be enveloped in a scent as deep and complex as history itself.

Embrace the Legacy of 1796

We invite you to wear 1796 and transport yourself to an era of profound change and passionate love. Let this fragrance remind you of the power of human emotions and the impact of transformative times. Each spray is a declaration, each note a chapter in a story that spans centuries.

Wear 1796 to capture the spirit of Napoleon’s love and the zeal of revolutionary fervor. Let it be a scent that not only perfumes the air but also inspires the soul.

Discover 1796. Relive the passion. Embrace the revolution.

This blog post not only highlights the historical inspiration behind the fragrance but also appeals to those who cherish the romance and intensity of one of history’s most tumultuous and transformative times. It invites readers to connect personally with the essence of the year 1796, making it a unique and memorable addition to their fragrance collection.

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